Jolly good

Okay, so I have just been informed that David Tennant starred in a Rom Com last year. Excuse me while I spontaneously combust, reassemble, do the cha cha slide and watch the crud out of that thing.

Hahaha, no no. I jest. I have already watched it. Twice. God bless Netflix instant play.

The Decoy Bride is a wonderful movie for realzies. It was so cute and very predictable but hilarious and crazy and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Plus all the actors were wonderful. And I am NOT just saying that because The Doctor is the leading man. (Disclaimer: I might be saying that because The Doctor is the leading man.) BUT LET’S BE REAL, HERE. THE DOCTOR IS THE LEADING MAN.

Here’s the trailer. Now, let me preface by saying that the movie is much, much better than the trailer. Also, please find it in your heart to ignore the gross weird soundtrack they stuck on said trailer. It is not in the actual movie:


1. David Tennant wears a suit. I apologize for the puddle of drool dripping off of my face.

2. Michael Urie aka Mark from Ugly Betty aka my sassy gay bff is in it. I KNOW RIGHT???? AND HE BRINGS THE SASS.

3. Kelly Macdonald is awesome as a goofy, sweet, flawed, funny, veryvery Scottish and utterly likable protagonist.

4. She is ALSO the voice of Merida in Pixar’s new movie, Brave.

5. This happened. (Why, yes, that IS David Tennant’s crotch taken completely out of context

6. Sword fights!!

7. And… did I mention David Tennant? Who wear the above outfit at some point? And looks adorably befuddled a lot? BONUS POINTS: There is a character whose name he says a lot, “Lara Tyler”, and you can totally shout “ROSE” before he says it and pretend that he is saying “Rose Tyler” and be briefly albeit blissfully happy for a single shining moment and then cry a lot. Not that I rewound it and did that every time he said her name. *weeps*

Actually, this was fun. I had some more British things I was gonna do, but this post has gone on for awhile and I’m getting sleepy so maybe I’ll do the rest of the stuff later. Thus, in my infinite wisdom, I have decided to dedicate this week to adventures in Britishness. I shall do British things and tell you about them. Are you pumped? Natch. Oh my god, you guys, this will be so fun. I love British stuff! HARRY POTTER IS BRITISH STUFF. GAHHHH!!! This is going to be completely fantastic.


One thought on “Jolly good

  1. Jessie says:

    such a cute and good movie!

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