Doctor what was he thinking

BY POPULAR REQUEST (of nobody because nobody reads my blog) I PRESENT TO YOU… THE FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD FIASCO OF 2011.

Guys. This adventure practically gave me PTSD.

So in Doctor Who, presuming you have seen or heard of Doctor Who, the Doctor eats fish fingers (basically fish sticks) and custard (like vanilla pudding) the first time he meets his bff, Amelia Pond. He thinks it is delicious yet young Amelia is understandably skeptical. Through the ages (about 3 years) people have wondered that huge, most important question… “Doctor WHO?”, sure. Okay. And also, “Are fish fingers and custard a thing? Like, is that secretly the most delicious yet unlikely combination of foods that nobody has ever thought to try?”

So my bff Jessie and I decided to test the theory. We put our lives and stomachs on the line for the truth. We decided to document the occasion with a timed camera that took pictures every three seconds to record our scientific work for posterity. We had emergency Izze on hand to wash it down. We were young and foolish, full of youthful hubris and foolish youngful youth.

Before, when we still had our innocence. 

The bite heard round the world.

The horror.

The horror.


One thought on “Doctor what was he thinking

  1. ladyowl22 says:

    Comment #1: I READ YOUR BLOG!!! :-D Comment #2: I am so genuinely appreciative of you and Jessie putting yourselves ON THE LINE like that to answer that most eternal of questions: do fish sticks taste like god nectar when consumed with vanilla yogurt? You two are the real heroes of this world *reverent salute* And comment #3: I AM GOING TO WATCH WILD TARGET AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Also I am going to work on my nose-spooning. If Rupert Grint does it, I should too. It will give us something to talk about when we meet. You know, before we get married. It’s good to have some conversation topics for the ride to the beach where we will have our gorgeous, sunset wedding by the ocean. Yup. Got it all planned out. And you’re totes invited :-D

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