Music you must put into your ears right this very minute

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. I JUST FOUND OUT THAT ALL OF MY FAVORITE SINGERS HAVE NEW CDS. HOW?? WHY?? WHAAA??? I have a theory that they all got together into a secret club and decided to gift the world with their beautiful, beautiful music one last time before we all esplode horribly in the Armageddon that is sure to befall us later this year. Thank you, Secret Coalition of Bands I Love. You are the real heroes. And, like, firemen and whatever. And batman.

Click the links to hear the new tunes and soak your ears in a bath of happy.

Marina and the Diamonds

The coolest British person I know.

Except for The Doctor. And Sherlock. And the entire cast of Harry Potter and Tom Hiddleston and Andrew Garfield and… a lot of other British people OKAY I KNOW I KNOW I LIKE BRITS, THERE WAS A WHOLE ADVENTURE CENTERED AROUND THAT FACT.

But really. Marina’s super cool, too. I swear.

Regina Spektor

I like this CD so much. And there’s markedly less weird noises in it than in her older ones which was one of my hugest pet peeves with those songs (I’d fast forward over her grunts. Really, though, what was up with them? I know she gets into her music viscerally and all but, um, I wasn’t a fan.)

Ingrid Michaelson

Her voice. Is so. Beautiful. GAH.

Norah Jones

She’s baaaaAAAAAaaack! And trying a little more pop than jazz. But, hey, I like it. It’s sort of Lenka-ish

Fiona Apple

Best picture of anything ever taken.


Why, yes, the one from that Gotye song that won the internet.

Plus Garfunkel and Oates came out with two new songs!

Aaaaaand coming soon in October there’s one from my favorite singer, A Fine Frenzy. It’s not a band. It’s a girl… but she has a band name. Even though she doesn’t really have a band. Her real name is Alison Sudol. I know. It’s weird.

Also, Hilary Duff. Don’t judge me, people. I feel you judging me.

And MIKA!!! He has a CD out in September called The Origin of Love and the first track (it’s in French but SO CATCHY. You don’t really need to know the language to appreciate it) is so so so good. And it has the best music video.

SIDENOTE: I saw the new Batman tonight. It was all intense and crazy and actiony and I was just sitting there in my set with a huge goofy grin fighting the urge to sing BATMANNNNN NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

I literally made this exact face.


God, I want a juice box. Catwoman probably likes juice boxes, too. BECAUSE I AM CATWOMAN.

Well, now I am.


~Steffi  Catwoman

Watch yourself, Anne Hathaway.

One thought on “Music you must put into your ears right this very minute

  1. magarvin says:

    So you let me know that you update this and now I’m definitely creepin’ on it and I have to say: I love exactly everyone you’ve listed in this post. I also really enjoy Flight of the Conchords. We are soulmates.

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